Exclusive, priority, and complimentary access to GoldenDAO member meet-ups, parties across different cities including our much-anticipated launch party in March (NFT LA) with special guests, celebrity appearances, and Andrew Yang as our host
Presale, skip the line access to future project drops.
Access future GoldenDAO meet and greet events with special guests, hosts, headliners
NFT gated members-only chat on Discord to collaborate and contribute to the future of GoldenDAO’s impact on the AAPI web3 community.
Uniquely minted NFT representing founding membership
Member voting rights on GoldenDAO’s community wallet fund contributions and initiatives using Snapshot
GoldenDAO NFT tickets sent via airdrop to member wallets. Tickets can be used for exclusive event access, GoldenDAO merchandise, and exchanged with others in the community
IRL and virtual GoldenDAO gifts, including our prestigious, precious metal forged, silver sterling 18K gold plated signet ring. The ring is designed by Max Coombs, founder of streetwear brand Control Sector, and an active designer for LVMH Hennessy merchandise. *ring sizes available will be from 5 - 12.
March 2022
NFT founding membership key public sale + POAP launch
MARCH 2022
NFT gated Discord chat invite to founding members, collaborating and contributing to the future of GoldenDAO
MARCH 2022
In-person launch party exclusively for founding members, hosted by Andrew Yang during NFT week in LA on 3/31, with special guests, celebrity appearances and performances, and GoldenDAO sponsors
APRIL 2022
GoldenDAO members meet-up in Miami for bitcoin conference
MAY 2022
DAO community expansion - after GoldenDAO’s infrastructure is complete, the DAO will vote on how proceeds in the community wallet will be used. GoldenDAO will have a treasury aimed to fund AAPI empowerment projects, community initiatives, and further GoldenDAO’s mission.
MAY 2022
GoldenDAO vote on brand equity growth, partnerships, and logo usage. Potential, but not limited-to opportunities include:

• GoldenDAO metaverse outpost • GoldenDAO wearable tech • GoldenDAO physical location in major cities (NYC, LA, MIA, etc.) used as a hub for members and partners. • GoldenDAO x specific partnerships (cross community and project engagement, brand partnerships, etc.)

Q2/Q3 2022
Season 2 NFT launch - 1 free mint access for founding members
Q2/Q3 2022
GoldenDAO custom-built gold plated signet ring gifted to founding members, cross-matching # of minted NFT (i.e. #888, #747, #1)
JUNE 2022
GoldenDAO party in NYC for NFT week
Autumn Moon Festival GoldenDAO membership in-person event hosted in LA (location subject to change)
GoldenDAO members meet-up in Miami for Art Basel
International expansion targeting cities such as Singapore, Jakarta, Seoul, Hong Kong, and more to come
Golden Dao logo

NFT Allocation

● Public Sale:

○ General Public mint

○ Mint total: 888

○ Priced: Last Price Dutch Auction, .88 - 1.28 ETH

○ Sale Date: Week of 3/28/22

● Presale:

○ Saved for individuals who show commitment (via social media, discord engagement, or other methods) to GoldenDAO initiatives, mission

○ Mint total: 888

○ Priced: 0.80 ETH

○ Sale Date: Week of 3/28/22

● Reserves:

○ Reserved for individuals, partners who show long-term commitment to GoldenDAO initiatives, mission (i.e. social and community engagement, appearance, performance, MC at GoldenDAO in-person event, etc.)

○ Mint total: 112

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